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MOÇO was released as a single (along with a karaoke version) and it is a song for a friend who I have been missing for too long.
Released July 4th 2021.

I send you this song to formalize that I am shattered.
I have missed you every day since the eclipse up until tomorrow.
This ghosting is unacceptable.

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I also directed/produced its music video with the invaluable help of my friends Manuel Barros, Miguel Amorim and Bernardo de César and with the support of Teatro Universitário do Porto and CASA COMUM - U.P. The full credits list for the MV is available here on TUP's website.

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☷T'AI☰ Named after both the hexagram 11 and my chosen name: ☷T'AI☰ is an album that comes to life as my life falls into place.
In celebration of my very first T-versary and the eve of the Carnation Revolution, with a pinch of self-absorption and the best wishes for a fully automated luxury gay space communism.
Released April 24th, 2021
The spotify canvas for this album use footage kindly provided by Demy and MARXelo.

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doravante (a tribute to ドラヤチ)

doravante (a tribute to dorayachi)
doravante (en: henceforth) is a tribute to beginnings.
The beginning of my adventure in music was marked by the birth of dorayachi [ドラヤチ ] in 2010. The first musical project to which I dedicated myself wholeheartedly and the first band I ever played live with.
dorayachi was inspired by the japanese cultural scene and rock artists which brought the former members together in the first place.
Now, 8 years after its end, doravante is a reflection upon, a reinterpretation and a new take on the songs from dorayachi's never released album: TOBU [飛ぶ].
It is also a tribute to friendship.
To a band whose formation has changed so much and where some of its members got to play a musical instrument for the very first time and where making music was often just a great excuse to hang out.
Released March 20th, 2021 at 9:38 (GMT).

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corvo rosa e o ritmo fantasma

corvo rosa e o ritmo fantasma music albumBack in 2014, I recorded a series of electric guitar works when I first decided I wanted to learn how to use a DAW. Each one of these songs was started and completed in a single night (while my mother was away working) and what remains of them today are the .mp3 files that were recorded over six years ago.
They are [still] dedicated to Diogo.
Released January 20, 2021

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estímulo.miragem music albumestímulo.miragem is a 6 track music album. Each track lengths exactly 10 minutes, adding up to one hour of music. Its structure resembles that of an I Ching hexagram (六十四卦) which are composed by a top and a bottom bāguà (八卦), each made up of three lines. It is a slow reflection on a short-timed life event aided by a strict set of rules and the Conjoining ䷞ hexagram. Throughout the album, the tracks become increasingly more structered, rhythmic and tonal and some are split into noisy and melodic parts.
Released December 21, 2018 at 22:23 (GMT).

The spotify canvas for this album were kindly made by girlflux (ギ).

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ghostwritten logoghostwritten were a math-rock/post-pock, Porto based trio from november 2013 to august 2018. Final lineup: Tiago Aires Lêdo (gtr.), Dany Campos (gtr.), Daniel Andrade (drm.). Former members: Filipe Oliveira (ba.), Afonso Aguiar (ba.).
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dorayachi logodorayachi [ドラヤチ] were japanese rock inspired band based in Porto from 2010 to 2013. dorayachi played in several japanese-culture events / anime conventions. Final lineup: Sara Gomes — Arya Urubunny (vo.), Tiago Aires Lêdo — 空のリズム (gtr.), Dany Campos — Dany (gtr.), Daniel Andrade (drm.), Filipe Oliveira — Sora (ba.). Former members: Sara Rocha — Hachi (ba.), João — Tsume (drm.), João Lobo (drm.).

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nanoparticularNanoparticular is a digital interactive installation developed in a 5-day hackathon (EMERGENCE@UP), aiming to raise awareness about the amazing powers and potencial dangers of metallic nanoparticles. Team: Marta Verde Baqueiro, Marta Correia, Francisca 'Kika' Rocha Gonçalves, Tiago Aires Lêdo, António Sousa.
First presented September 27th, 2019 at Casa Comum, Rectorate of the University of Porto.

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a vague sense of presence

a vague sense of presencea vague sense of presence is a symbiosis between individual sounds and its encompassing aural field. Each of the composers followed the path they desired, culminating in a work that reflects its particularities and likenesses. By linking all the parts, the path converged into a single point, a center. As a collective, the parts make up the whole. The individuality, although present and symbolized by each one of the speakers, is diluted. In the implied volume created by the structure, a space of communion and contemplation emerges, surrounded by sound. Each composition is generative, as well as the transitions between themselves. Using a probabilistic system and the intrinsic internal compatibility of the unique elements of each composition, the complete work is composed. An installation by COLECTIVO 「大音量コンピューター」 (Gonçalo Santos, ギ (Gui), Ivo Santos, Joana Rodrigues, Tiago Aires Lêdo, Luís Arandas, Marcelo Sousa, Paulo Teixeira, Pedro Sarmento). A linear version of this work is avaliable as an album on bandcamp.
First presented October 36, 2018 at FESTIVAL SEMIBREVE in Braga. This work was partly supported by MM-FEUP.

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leave a message~

leave a message~Leave a Message~ is an interactive installation that uses a Pure Data patch and a modified telephone at its core. The users pick up the telephone and are instructed to "Please leave your message after the tone *beep*", having then a few seconds to leave a voice message and end the transmission. The next user who picks up the phone will first listen the voice message left by the previous user and then have the opportunity to leave their own to the next user. In the end of the demonstration the integrity of the voice messages go through a speech-to-text process and a word-cloud is generated featuring the words most frequently said in the voice messages. Team: Ana Ferreira, Elaine Aguilar, José Pedro Silva, Roberto 'William' Nóbrega, Tiago Aires Lêdo.
This project was presented January, 2018 at the Faculty of Engineering of the Univerity of Porto.

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Câmara interactive installationCâmara is an interactive installation. A bedroom-like space to explore and reflect on the states of awareness through the stages of sleep. Featuring a mattress-as-a-sensor analogous to a photographic film. The sensor-bed, which is sensitive to movement (or the lack of it) manipulates a video-projection of a window, mixing the outdoor's nightscape with dreamlike footage, traversing the various stages of sleep.
Team: Daniel Machado, Gonçalo Santos, Elaine Aguilar, Marcelo Valle, Miguel Soares, Tiago Aires Lêdo.
First presented in January 2018, at Carlos Amarante High School, Braga. Public display supported by BragaMediaArts.



Flormiga is a digital technology and music project which aims to promote a sensible relationship between children and nature through sonic-plants. This project is the subjects of the Master's Dissertation Music with Plants: Cultivating Bonds Between Grade-Schoolers and Nature through Sound Design and it is being developed in collaboration and with the support of the educational service of the Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos. The project was presented at the 21st Conference Consciousness Reframed 2019 — Sentient States: Bio-mind and Techno-nature.

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anita caça fantasmas

anita caça fantasma maxpatchAnita Caça Fantasmas is an interactive MAX/MSP patch based on EVP (electronic voice phenomena) that invites all participants to unveil the ghosts of a haunted room. The patch uses real-time sound analysis to trigger events, generate sound and respond to the user in a game-like, spooky manner.

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toban djan

Toban Djan is a generative sound MAX/MSP patch, featuring an imagined suburban soundscape by the sea. A lonely bus-stop experience in the company of a masculine and a feminine voice, who speak an impression of an east-asian language; a fly; and an ever-present feeling of anxienty. It was conceived for spacialized environments using Ambisonics and it was presented in both in 6-speaker and 9-speaker settings.

This patch was played as part of the installation a vague sense of presence and recorded as the track a vague sense of self-awareness.

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shell search

shell searchShell Search is a videogame demo project by the team The Smart Ponies. A collaboration between the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Porto. Sound design and implementation with Wwise: Ana Rita Torres, Joana Rodrigues and Tiago Aires Lêdo. Programming: João Ferreira, Inês Proença, João Costa and Lázaro Costa. 3D modeling and design: Catarina Neves, Hugo Sá, Morries Eigi.
Presented June, 2018.

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impish_delay.pd pure data guitar effect patchImpish_Delay.pd is a delay effect for electric guitar made using Pure Data and a little magick. A stereo ping pong delay with pitch shifting control option for the repetitions. Effect values may be controled in real-time with playing intensity and attack.

This patch is avaliable on GitHub >>
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SardõesSardões is playful photographic series about seeking ocellated lizards, the liveliness of the dune and the elapsing summer.
Published online in September 29th, 2020

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Outono short-filmOutono is a documental short inspired by Matsuo Basho's autumn haiku. A film by ギ (Gui Gaspar/girlflux), Pedro Sarmento and Tiago Aires Lêdo. Challenged by the Citadocs project.
Presented November, 2018

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ana anonymous

ana anonymous

Ana Anonymous is an animation short written and voiced by Ana Ferreira; with storyboard, drawings, animation, music and editing by Lêdo; presented as an installation and online with the help of Roberto 'William' Nóbrega, Elaine Aguilar and José Pedro Silva.
First presented November, 2017 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto.

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Videographer of redoma - entreparedes/redoma (Live), premiered on March 1st, 2022.
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Director of photograhy of the following short-films: Anexo, Dor and Extra-Corpo, written and directed by Tiago Colaço; Click! directed by Joana Sousa, Tiago Colaço and Tiago Aires Lêdo; Ao Salvamento! directed by Ricardo Leite; Halo — Black Box a music video directed by Fábio Castro and Tiago Lêdo.

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production assistant

João Liberada (in progress), a film by Tomás Paula Marques.

Dildotectónica (2023) a film by Tomás Paula Marques.

MONO (2020) a film by Joana Mont'Alverne, a Teatro Universitário do Porto production.

achei "achei tendência" tendência

"Achei "Achei Tendência" Tendência" is a short solo theater piece about positive feedback, echo chambers and other sonic ideas about upholding opinions. An incentive to mistrust. It was first presented at the opening of the exhibition "Provador" by Tales Frey, at 25 Years of Maus Hábitos on April 6, 2024.

o dildotauro de lide

O DILDOTAURO DE LIDE (PRÓLOGO) is the result of the Artistic Residency No Entulho, promoted by Artworks, for which I was selected by Pedreira, the place where it was also exhibited as a work-in-progress/investigation in the context of a residency's open studio. Presented as an installation-performance, divided in three spaces (1) video show composed by the videoclip of the song MOÇO; video that I captured during my time in residency; and the video-performance with the same name of the presentation. (2) performance (3) found, made, unfinished and abandoned objects from the residency. In this residency I had the invaluable support of Hilda de Paulo; with the artistic production of Francisca Marques and Lola Rodrigues, the video registration of Bruno Lança, and the production and construction support of the whole Artworks team (Carlos, André, Pedro, Emanuel, Luís, Hélder, Carlos, António, among many others); with the hospitality and attention of the people from Pedreira; with the production support from Teatro Universitário do Porto and the technical support from Eduardo Brandão and with the technical-artistic work of my friends Mariana Leite Soares (technical/light direction), Joana Rodrigues (sound design), Tomás Paula Marques (creation and video support) and Teresa Antunes (light support).
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theia is a story about destruction as a creative impulse through the tale of the great impact. My original text, reading and music for the TUP's podcast series Pó-de-TUP.

Published February 3rd, 2021 in Pó-de-TUP, CASA COMUM U.Porto

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estímulo, miragem


My original text and reading of Estímulo, Miragem — a portuguese version of the introductory text of my homonymous musical work — was featured in Pó-de-TUP is a podcast by Teatro Universitário do Porto supported by Casa Comum from Universidade do Porto.

Published April 10th, 2020 in Pó-de-TUP, CASA COMUM U.Porto

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"The Macaroni Club" by The Cursed Assembly. Performer/roleplayer for The Macaroni Club at Clube Fenianos Portuenses during the DDD Festival on April 27, 2024.

"Trans*performatividade" by Aura da Fonseca. Performer in the show's presentations at CAMPUS PCS (Porto), Teatro da Disdascália (Famalicão), TMP - Teatro do Campo Alegre (Porto) and Temps D'Images, mono lisboa (Lisbon) in 2023.

"GINECEU" by maré d'esperança, at FATAL. Music and live music performance for the presentation in Lisbon at Carlos Paredes' Hall on May 21st 2022.

"O QUE VEM DEPOIS DA ESPERANÇA?" by Hilda de Paulo, a Teatro Universitário do Porto production
Performer and pre-production of the show. Presented on March 31, April 1, 2, 3, 9 and 10 at Mala Voadora.
@ TUP's website >>

"Enquanto Rega e Não Rega" by Luísa Maria and Miguel Amorim
Music producer/poster designer/video for the play "Enquanto Rega e Não Rega", debuted in Espaço Al 859, Porto on february 24, 2022.
Official website >>

"The scythe is a crescent moon" by Odete
Performer activating Odete's "The scythe is a crescent moon" in the exhibition Erro 417: Expectativa Falhada at Galeria Municipal do Porto on february 8, 2021.
@ Odete's instragram >>

"ramerrame" by Inês Pinheiro Torres and marisa catita
Musician/performer/teaser-video in the performance ramerrame by Inês Pinheiro Torres and marisa catita, in the context of the performance cycle RISCAR (Teatro Universitário do Porto and CASA COMUM — U.P.).
Premiered on July 11th 2021 at Pátio da Reitoria da Universidade do Porto.

"MONO" by Joana Mont' Alverne
Performer and production assistant in the film MONO: an experimental movie and performance directed by Joana Mont'Alverne and interpreted by the acting students of TUP's 2020 Introduction to Acting Course.
Premiered December 13th, 2020 at Cinema Passos Manuel, Porto

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